Yearbook Messages

As a resident of Foster City and Mariner’s Island for 50 years, it has been my privilege to be part of Foster City’s evolution into the magnificent community it is today.

Favorite Memory:
I have many wonderful memories of boating on Foster City Lagoon.

Doris Duncan

Happy 50 years! Love this town best town to walk, run, bike.

Susan Bishof

Happy Birthday Foster City! Foster City is a true jewel and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to call this beautiful city home.

Favorite Memory:
I have so many favorite memories! From celebrating my children’s birthdays in all the various parks, to enjoying the gorgeous lagoon, to the concert days in the parks! Our city embraces family and community, and I look forward to many more memories!

Stacy Jimenez

Happy 50th Birthday Foster City! We are so glad to be here. It’s like a resort in Foster City

Favorite Memory:
Beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset

Aileen Low

Happy Birthday to the best City! 

Favorite Memory:
Friday night concerts…seeing everybody in town…and dancing away!

Yvonne Ryzak

Congrats on 50 fine years, FC! We moved to Neighborhood 2 in 1965 when my parents bought a ranch house (I believe it was Duke & Elliot) in Beach Park Blvd. for about $27K. There were Jack rabbits, sandstorms, and tumble weeds back then because the neighborhood was largely undeveloped yet. So much has changed since then… 

Leslie Lopez

There’s no place like home

The Kim Family 

Happy Anniversary, Foster City! We have been residents of this beautiful city developed by Mr. Foster and his children for 18 years! We know that Mr. Foster and his sons envisioned Foster City to be a place where many people could live together and raise their families. We are so proud to be one of those families.

Favorite Memory:
Our favorite memory is when we started our search for a residence in Foster City, our son was 8 years old and would be entering 3rd grade in the Fall of 2003. He had been attending school in Belmont that did not have any grassy areas. The kids had to take a walk to the Recreation Center across the street. The first stop on our tour was Foster City Elementary School with this nice grassy area on the school grounds. Our son, Aaron said, ” you mean I can play on the grass at this school?” He was sold on the move!!

Lois and Michael Fried 

Happy Happy 50th Birthday to you Foster City! You are beautiful!

Favorite Memory:
I enjoy seeing the community enjoying the outdoors, seeing so much wildlife and the beautiful plants. The walks are always incredible. I am grateful to live here.

Brittany Minasian