Ad Hoc Planning Committee

The Ad Hoc Planning Committee for the City’s 50th Anniversary/Birthday had served a limited term in an advisory capacity at the pleasure of the City Council. The Ad Hoc Planning Committee provided input and assisted in the planning efforts, developing the overall vision of the City’s Golden Anniversary Celebration. Not only did the Ad Hoc Planning Committee discuss potential ideas and programs for the 2021 calendar year to commemorate Foster City’s 50th Anniversary, but their work culminated in a 50th Anniversary Program proposal that was brought forth and approved by the City Council in November 2020.

Sanjay Gehani

Mayor (2021)

Jon Froomin

Councilmember (2021)

The selected City Council liaisons to the Ad Hoc Planning Committee were Mayor Sanjay Gehani and Councilmember Jon Froomin. The City Council liaisons worked closely in collaboration with the Ad Hoc Planning Committee, which was comprised of one representative each from the following community organizations:

Noemi Avram
Rotary Club

Fred Baer
Parks & Recreation Committee

Richard Biederman
Foster City Historical Society

Joanne Bohigian
Chamber of Commerce

David Melchner
Lions Club

Yvonne Ryzak
Member Ex-Officio

Thank You!

A special thank you is owed to the members of the Ad Hoc Planning Committee who volunteered their time and efforts to help shape Foster City’s 50th Anniversary/Birthday Celebration.

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